What is Fusion Fashion?

What is fusion fashion? A question that in the most recent years has been gaining more and more popularity. It’s simple, fusion fashion is essentially combining two or more styles from different cultures into one. You can combine any culture into the mix, but recently it appears western and Indian styles have been receiving more attention. This type of fashion style is admired by many different ages and cultural backgrounds. It's a bold and innovative type of style which celebrates the beauty of Indian culture.

It's been known that the Indian culture of style has had a wide impact on western fashion. From bandanas, bindis to pashminas. When fashion goes fusion normally it goes something like a kurta becomes a tunic a salwar usually becomes a simple pair of trousers dupatta becomes stoles. Indian outfits can become ‘westernised’ with different creative waistlines, different cuts in fabric and necklines. Typically, fusion fashion is most influenced on women's wear rather than mens. 

Fusion wear comes with a variety and for people of all ages. Long skirts have become a new thing where you can pair a crop top with a lengha style skirt. Longer, flowed skirts can be used by any different generation from young to older.

Indian prints are a big style these days. Vibrant colours and intricate patterns are used by many fashion companies recently. Even in high end fashion, brands such as Versace have picked up Khadi fabrics that pair along with kurtas to go with jeans. Jeans can have ethnic prints and cuts to give that more Indian feel to it, going along with, sequins are used as well as embroidery work. 

While most of the market offering Indo- western fusion wear is typically on the pricier size, independent brands and companies such as our own Nesavaali, offer affordable fusion wear. The reason for this is simply because you are paying for intricate pieces. Detail is incredibly important when it comes to fusion wear.

Fusion fashion has also become a popular style in bridal. Turning a simple white dress with colourful (usually red) intricate designs give that fusion style. Fusion fashion is a bold and innovative style that has arrived in western countries that is becoming a major hit.

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