Shangami S.Muthumani - Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

Shangami S.Muthumani
is the founder – designer of sustainable & ethical women’s wear label Nesavaali


Known for her celebration of her exuberant designs that emotionally connect between a consumer and the artisan. Shangami has been exhibiting her designs, turning native weaves into modern silhouettes impacting a positive change to the fashion industry. Her dress line Nesavaali oozes both comfort and confidence, and what’s more, it accentuates a woman’s individuality, beauty and strength. Her ability to change with the times while keeping her designs pure has not gone unnoticed.

This fashion aficionado was  born in Madurai, raised in Chennai, India, the designer pursued a career in fashion working in product development for International brands, first studying Textiles & Knitwear Technology at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Chennai, one of the most prestigious fashion schools in India, before completing a master’s degree in Fashion Business Management at Nottingham Trent University. 

She is a lot of things, but determined is one word that best describes her. Her story and struggle are equally inspiring too. Unlike many, launching the label did not occur to her at the snap of a finger. She hustled and struggled with a lot of things before she earned herself a prominent space in competitive UK fashion industry.  Her eccentric and eclectic outfits, bold and path breaking styles were an instant hit. 

Muthumani’s desire to give something back to the artisan communities goes back to her early childhood, when she was first exposed to the beauty and skill of traditional Indian fabrics and the people who create them.

Her contribution to the fashion industry is not only admirable, but her perpetual efforts in designs that go into making it acceptable by a larger audience yet align with ethical ethos. It is no surprise that is stocked by giant high street retailers like Asos & Newlook and available with designer brand retailer Silkfred & Tradegala for wholesale. 

Her years of commitment in creating a sustainable & ethical brand Nesavaali is one to notice with and is awarded as the “Best Newcomer of the year” 2019 by Boutique Star awards.

The strength of the Nesavaali name is Shangami herself and her vision for the future. In retrospect, her ambitious idea is significant for trade between India – UK/Europe paving way to traditional arts and her empowering and inspiring collection has a reach to spread globally.

We know that both ethical and sustainable fashion are fast developing into leading trend and essential focus within the UK Fashion Industry and will become essential for all future brands and this is at the heart of what Shangami does.


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