Our Top 5 Shopping Tips

Our shopping tips to avoid bad purchases:

Its no secret some of us are closeted shop-aholics, and a lot of us tend to splurge and up unsatisfied with what we purchase. We buy products we already have and don’t need or end up buying clothes that don’t fit us or don’t suit us. Or instantly heading to the mall as soon as we earn our paycheck! We are all guilty of at least one of these issues! But have no fear, we are here to help you with our tips on how to never deal with a bad purchase, so you are 100% satisfied.

Apple's Shopping Spree Isn't Over

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1) Plan out your goals

What exactly do you need? Why do you want to make this purchase? A lot of us will be tempted to go in store and buy anything our eyes lay on. Its important that you plan out everything you need first. A way you can do this is by planning it out in a notebook or a notes app on your smartphone, so everything is clear for you. This will help resist that temptation if you are trying to save some extra cash. 

2) Budget 

Before purchasing anything, it’s important to keep a budget to avoid overspending. Even if you intentionally want to splurge a bit, its always a good idea. Think about your other costs in this time so you do not buy unnecessary items.


3) Plan ahead 

This is something that is a game- changer, not only does it save money, but it also saves you time. If you would like to buy something in store, look online which shops offer the product you want to buy. An example of this could be a certain shop sells a dress in a colour that you want or a makeup product in a specific shade you need. You can also compare prices so you aren’t overspending on a product you could have gotten cheaper.


4)  Pick the best time for you

Shopping can be a hassle. It is definitely tiring and the worst thing that can happen is when shops are extremely busy. Plan ahead which time works best for you so you can go in a time where its slightly quiet, so things don’t get so… well claustrophobic. Its also important to note that you go in while you’re in a positive mood, so you’re not easily frustrated by the stressful thing we called shopping!


5)  Don’t shop when you are hungry, tired or bored

This will want you buying unnecessary things. Purchasing goods while your hungry will encourage you to overindulge same goes when shopping when bored. Environmental factors can make a huge impact on your shopping!


And now you're all set! Happy shopping!

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