Most Influential Fashion Icons

Fashion is a very subjective topic which we can all agree with however, that is not to say that some major celebrities over the past few decades have inspired millions with their style. It’s a pretty bold statement to call a person a ‘fashion icon’. Many celebrities all over the globe have shown eye- catching, bold and unique styles, but it is important we first break down the phrase ‘fashion icon’ and get a better understanding of what it means. So, what is it? To be a fashion icon you must first create a sort of cultural conversation and controversy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad type of controversy, just make sure you have people talking. Secondly if the style does not become a trend, it’s almost sort of impossible to become an icon. 

1) Audrey Hepburn 

Audrey Hepburn is most definitely one of the world's most famous icons. Famous for her roles in films such as ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘Roman Holiday’. While some people might say she was neither girly or elegant, Hepburn could make anything work and look gorgeous in all styles. She is most notable for her iconic Givenchy seamless black dress in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.


2 ) Zendaya

Zendaya marks one of the youngest (24) influential celebrities of our time. She shows us that you do not have to be a specific age to be one of the greatest icons. From being in the spotlight as a young Disney Channel star to a young fashionista, Zendaya knows how to style. Her popular outfits include her iconic two piece red Vera Wang set as well as her Tom Ford hot pink two piece she wore to the Critics choice awards which quite literally ‘broke the internet’.

3) Cher

The singer of 75 years old has shown you can style regardless of age. The ‘goddess of pop’ has shown countless beautiful red carpet looks, however, it seems that her yellow two piece beaded set designed by Bob Mackie stands out as her most memorable look.  Her 1986 Oscars outfit also designed by Bob Mackie also became an iconic look.


4) Madonna

Madonna’s outfits varies from streetwear to red carpet, and either way, they’re always stylish. Madonna made 80’s layered skirts come back as well as bringing leggings back in style. In 1984, Madonna rocked thrift- shop style with rubber bands and a red headband.


5) Princess Diana

Princess Diana is known for breaking royal stereotypes and is also known as ‘the People's princess’. Notable for her selfless actions and work as well as her iconic street style. Known for rocking stylish lounge wear and bicycle shorts, Princess Diana was no ordinary princess, she was an Icon.


6) Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is famous for her iconic hair do and red lipstick, she broke beauty standards for women across the globe, empowering women in a male dominated industry. Some of Monroe's iconic red carpet looks include her gorgeous silver dress and fur scarf. She inspired millions.


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