How to Take Amazing Outfit Pictures

Have you ever had such a good outfit day you just need to take as many snaps as possible. We know how it feels, we really want the whole world to see how well you’ve put this amazing outfit together. Ok you have put together the most perfect fit of your life, but what’s stopping you from showing everyone? A bad photo? The lighting just isn’t working out for you? Or is the angle just terrible? Not to worry, with a few simple tips, we’ve got you on how to achieve the most literal perfect photo for the gram!

1) Lighting

There's a common misconception that you must be in a bright light in order to take the perfect picture. You don’t need to go through much hassle! Pictures look gorgeous in different varieties of lighting, dark shadows, we recommend you use your flash on your phone, your picture will end up looking great and professional worthy!

2) Angles


Angles are the most important thing (that is after lighting of course). Whatever you do do not zoom! Make sure your camera isn't too far up or down, we want in bang right on the centre. Also whoever is taking your picture, make sure they’re not too far or close away from you.


3) Pick the best time of day for you

You can take your picture pretty much any time, however we recommend the best time of day to take your picture is 12-2pm or ‘golden hour’ which is around sunset to give you that sun kissed glow.

4) Take many!

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to like the first or two pictures that have been taken of you. Take as many as possible with different sorts of poses so when you do go back to find ‘the one’ you will have many options!

5) Exposure

This is for the IPhone girlies! IPhone's have a setting on the photo app where you can control the lighting and all of sorts of things! It’s a major skill we recommend you learn if you are someone who likes to edit pictures often!

6) Posing

You can stand, pretend to walk or sit, it’s completely up to you! However, whatever pose you choose to do, make sure you are confident, and make sure your body shows it. If you aren’t you might seem awkward which we don’t want!


7) Lenses!

Make sure your camera lens is clean! If there are fingerprints or smudging on the lens, it will definitely show up on the photo. Use a small cloth or napkin for this!

8) Face poses

You don’t always need to smile, you can be looking at something or anything for a candid shot, but keep your head straight, try not to tilt it! And remember: KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

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