How to Organise your Wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe is something that a lot of people struggle with, We know We do. Deciding do you want it to be colour coordinated? Do I want all my jeans and leggings in separate draws? Will I have enough hangers by the end of this? The list goes on and on with the amount of problems we may face through when doing this task! We are going to help you organise your wardrobe and help you turn a tiresome job into a fun and less time consuming one. So relax, and let’s start cracking on.

 1) Declutter all your clothes.

It’s important you do this step (otherwise how would you know where everything is!). Take out all your clothes and start by piling them into categories. You ideally want the following piles:

* trousers/ leggings

* Jeans

* Sleeved tops

* Non sleeved tops

* Shorts

* Jackets

* Dresses ( split into maxi and mid if you’d like)

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2) Map out your wardrobe.

This step is crucial. If you do not map out where you want what, organising your wardrobe is going to take a messy turn. We want everything in one place. Make sure to plan where you want everything, whether you want all your tops on hangers or all your jackets make sure you take the time to choose now.


3)Throw out any clothes you no longer wear.

We sometimes don’t realise but we tend to hoard clothes we don’t wear anymore, we know it’s hard! Clothes to some of us are like our most prized possessions however, sometimes we just have to let go. Whatever clothes you choose to throw out, instead of chucking them in the garbage, why not recycle them for a more sustainable option or give them away to charity at your local charity pick up.  For a bit of extra cash, you could even sell on sites such as eBay or Depop.


4) Stack your thick items.

Before you add anything into your wardrobe make sure you fold up and put together any thick items you have such as your Pyjamas and Hoodies if you don’t wish to hang them. These pieces of clothing take a lot of space up in your wardrobe especially if you only have one assigned wardrobe to yourself. Alternatively, you can place these items in a separate draw which we like to do to keep the space even more organised. This helps to find your clothes more easily and separate every day to home wear.


5) Hangers

If you have a wardrobe with hangers, before anything count how many hangers you need so you don’t end up running around looking for more when you need them!


6) Placing your clothes

You can now arrange all your clothes in your wardrobe. At the back start with all your trousers. One pile for jeans, one pile for leggings, and another pile for shorts or any other type of trousers you may have. It’s nice to have all your tops at the front as that is what you usually would want to pick out first when choosing your outfit.

And just like that, your wardrobe is fresh, clean and more importantly organised! The best part of this process, is that when you’ve completed, you will definitely feel rewarded!


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