Find Your Personal Style

So you want to find your personal style? First of all, it's important we first look into what your personal style means. It is all about uniqueness and expressing yourself. It can reflect off anything personal to you. It is kind of your own aesthetic, grungy, streetwear, cute, chic, vintage, there are honestly so many different types!

1) Look for inspiration

It’s important you start simple. A good thing about finding your personal style is that it's easy! Find inspiration on fashion websites, Pinterest is a great place to find inspo. Spend some time on social media to really get a feel for some fashion styles. Once you have found all the inspiration it's time for the next step! 


2) Make a mood board

This is really how you can morph all your ideas into one. Add everything that interests you into one or you can even make multiple for different styles that you like. Try to keep your mood boards simple and on your phone, so when you go out to shop, you can see what you’re looking for easily.


3) Go through your wardrobe 

Okay you have sort of got an idea of what type of style interests you. Go through your closet and find anything that relates to the style you like. Mix and match different outfits and accessories!


4) Accessories

All styles have different statement pieces. If you’re into a grungy style, incorporate some chokers and chains into your outfit! Into vintage? Fishnet leggings are your new best friend. Try and experiment!


5)  Photos!

Okay great, you’ve found your personal style! Now try and snap all those fits! Your style may evolve, so it’s nice to always look back at what outfits you were putting together!


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