At the core of ethical clothing brand Nesavaali is an inherent commitment to reviving, supporting and showcasing the unique and artful tradition of hand-loomed  fabrics, a painstaking and highly skilled process passed on through generations of craftsmen across the many regions of India.

Nesavaali – which translates as “The Weaver” in Tamil -  is tapping into this expertise and tradition by creating not only a fashion brand, but a platform that aims to promote the art and craft of the weavers to a global audience and marketplace.

India is famous the world over for its beautiful, rich and colourful sarees and expressive fabrics, with handmade threads weaved on traditional looms still hailed to this day as the most sophisticated and precious fabrics there are. Handloomed fabrics are not only an intrinsic part of Indian culture, but the craft of hand-weaving has traditionally always constituted a huge economic activity, too, with handlooms still making up the largest cottage industry in the country, and the second largest commercial sector after agriculture. Millions of artisans across the many regions of India work on handlooms, weaving cotton, silk and other natural fibres with distinct patterns, motifs, colours and textures, reflecting the unique identity of every region with their inimitable designs. It’s an ancient ritual and provides a livelihood for millions of families in the country. 

Weaving fabrics on hand-looms is undeniably a form of art, an art that reflects each region in India and its distinct character, identity and uniqueness. Nesavaali brings together all of these beautiful patterns, motifs, colours and designs. Each collection will be based on selected fabrics and patterns from different regions, while reflecting the key trends of the season and blending materials such as chiffons, georgettes, lurex, sequins, velvet, organsa, satin, tissue and an array of trims to give each style its individual Nesavaali signature, but also contemporary fusion feel. 

Traditional Tamil Pattu Saree  

Tamil Nadu – famous for its Chettinads and Coimbatore cottons, which come in stripes and checks with traditional borders with a rich and sophisticated character. Among the dozens of different handwoven silks made in India, there is none more expensive than Kanjeevaram. The most famour silk saree from South India is known for its lustrous fabric and elaborate zari work. These remain one of the few weaving techniques where gold is still used in the weaving process. And here at Nesavaali, we translate the historic inspired tamilnadu weaves into our fusion western range and provide exquisite rich looking intricate motifs. 

Rich traditional South Indian Silk Saree

A weaver at Kanchipuram weaving society

A glimpse of rich family traditions wearing south Indian Traditional Pattu (silk sarees) 

Here is a flavour of some of the most renowned and popular regional weaves, versions of which will find their way into Nesavaali’s collections on a seasonal basis. 




The wealth and diversity of handloom weaving across India is immense and a key element of the country’s rich heritage. Traditionally, handloom weaving has always been a family enterprise, with generations of families involved in the process and passing on their skills. 

There are many heart-breaking stories of weavers losing their livelihoods, barely managing to exist or facing unemployment and deep poverty, with many even driven to depression and suicide. 

Nesavaali wants to play a part in preserving the weavers’ craft and contribute to their welfare and wellbeing. 5% of the wholesale value and 10% of the retail value go straight back to the weavers & textile workers and help support their communities and secure their livelihood - hopefully for many more generations to come. 

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