Common Fashion Fails + How to Fix Them

I think we have all had a moment where we think ‘what on earth was I thinking wearing that!’. Don’t lie, it's happened to all of us! Don't be embarrassed, however we can help you avoid sticky situations like that again. Here are the top common fashion fails and how you can avoid them!

  • Buying clothing the wrong size

This may be the most annoying thing to deal with. Either it’s too small or too big. Wearing clothes that are fitted appear more flattering. The best way to deal with this problem (if you can) is to see it in stores and try it on first before buying.  Online many store sizes are different to others too! 

  • Sticking to only one colour

This will only make your outfit dull and unflattering causing it all to clash! Mix and match with colours, try and incorporate at least two colours into your outfit so you stand out more and appear more stylish.


  • Following every trend

When we tell you, not every trend will be suited to you and your personal style. If you are really attracted to a certain trend, you can however, work your way around it, but try to change into someone new! 

  • Wearing too many accessories 

Don’t get it wrong, accessories are a staple to outfits! However, there is sort of a thing called over - accessorising.. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite pieces. If you are going to wear multiple pieces, make sure they match the theme of your outfit and they’re not all different from each other. 


  • Only wear what you like

Do not let social media dictate what you want to wear. If you are shopping in a store, and you like something but it is only for ‘menswear’ for example, do not let that stop you from wearing it!

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