• Find Your Personal Style

    Find Your Personal Style

    So you want to find your personal style? First of all, it's important we first look into what your personal style means. It is all about uniqueness and expressing yourself. It can reflect off anything personal to you. It is kind of your own aesthetic, grungy, streetwear, cute, chic, vintage, there are honestly so many different types! 1) Look for inspiration It’s important you...
  • Common Fashion Fails + How to Fix Them

    Common Fashion Fails + How to Fix Them

    I think we have all had a moment where we think ‘what on earth was I thinking wearing that!’. Don’t lie, it's happened to all of us! Don't be embarrassed, however we can help you avoid sticky situations like that again. Here are the top common fashion fails and how you can avoid them! Buying clothing the wrong size This may be the most...
  • How to Take Amazing Outfit Pictures

    How to Take Amazing Outfit Pictures

    Have you ever had such a good outfit day you just need to take as many snaps as possible. We know how it feels, we really want the whole world to see how well you’ve put this amazing outfit together. Ok you have put together the most perfect fit of your life, but what’s stopping you from showing everyone? A bad photo? The lighting...
  • Our Top 5 Shopping Tips

    Our Top 5 Shopping Tips

    Our shopping tips to avoid bad purchases: Its no secret some of us are closeted shop-aholics, and a lot of us tend to splurge and up unsatisfied with what we purchase. We buy products we already have and don’t need or end up buying clothes that don’t fit us or don’t suit us. Or instantly heading to the mall as soon as we earn...
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